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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The ACOS G.P.7 Magnetic Pick-up Head

Additional to one of my gramophone purchases was this ACOS Magnetic pick up head.  The idea was to fit the head in place of a soundbox and connect to the pick up sockets that appear on radios of period.  I've no real idea of date but would put it somewhere about mid 1950's.  One of the photographs show the head mounted on the arm of a 101 with a narrow bore tone arm.  The clamping mechanism whilst adjustable to some degree would not stretch to the larger bore of the 102.  It might be interesting at some stage to try out the head but first I would need to obtain a radio to test it with.  With a recommended load of 50,000 ohms and an output of 0.36 volts, whilst not knowing anything about electonics, these figures are enough to put me off sticking it through my hi fi!

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