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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

I dug this out of the bowels of our loft and found it, with very little work, to be in good fettle so thought I'd add it.  I bought my first 4000DS in 1974.  10 years later we were burgled and it was replaced with this one bought second hand via Friday Ad.  It wasn't in as good a condition as the first one but good enough.  Why buy a second machine? Well partly because it was a class act in its day but more importantly I had a number of recordings of our two eldest boys when they were children.  Those recordings alone were reason enough and I used the deck to transfer the recording to digital.

Early 1970's - The Akai 4000DS Reel to Reel Tape Deck

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Akai 0010

This particular machine I think was a little earlier than my original 4000DS.  Mine had pull out reel retainers that came from the spindles.  This has the more primitive rubber bung type that have now hardened to require replacing probably via Big Dave on e bay from whom I obtained a new drive belt 2 or 3 years ago.  The reels are currently held in place with the original rubber bungs plus Blu Tack!  ( 1st Sept.  No they're not, they are now replaced c/o Dave Hughes aka "Big Dave") Apart from needing to sort out disintegrating tapes the only additional problems were a vibrating noise when the tape was in fast forward that I traced to the capstan and remedied and a broken counter drive belt which is being helped back together with super glue ( Again  it too has now been replaced).


I was going to put it on E bay??.......Nah..think I'll keep it.