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By Graham, Jul 30 2017 10:57AM

I hope this doesn't come across as too stroppy but of late I have been getting a little frustrated with some of those who contact me with questions. I'm not flooded so it isn't really a problem except that I seem to be receiving questions the answers too which are on my two sites Graham-ophones and Restore-A-Gram. I really don't want to put people of messaging me. I know only too well how difficult it is finding information but please, in the first instance read what is on the site and look at the links. I sometimes get requests for parts but please note Ido not supply any parts myself and the links to the parts suppliers I use are on the Restore-A-Gram site along with links to needle suppliers, portable covering material etc.

If you can't find the answer to your question on the websites please do get in touch BUT do check the websites first.


By Graham, Jul 26 2017 07:01AM

Following my blog of Monday I've checked out my sites and they are reported to be virus free. However the plot thickened when I was told by my service provider that they had had a number of similar reports so what's going on? They hold the belief that the virus report was a hoax and this is not to point the finger at the gentleman who reported to me there was a virus on my site as he too may have been the innocent victim of a hoax further down the line. All this just emphasises the need to have anti virus and anti malware on you computer. Whilst such technological scullduggery may be new such human behaviour is as old as the hills. Even in the Desiderata (google it if you don't know what it is) there is a line that says:

" Exercise caution in your business affairs for the world is full of trickery but let this not blind you to the virtue there is."

I'll be restoring the links over the next few days....and checking those links as I progress!

By Graham, Jul 24 2017 05:38PM

When I started this website, some 4 years ago, it's genuine aim was to provide fellow gramophone enthusiasts with a site that shared my interest in restoring acoustic gramophones and over the past few years I have received encouraging messages from enthusiasts as well as requests for help from people who are restoring these fascinating instruments for the first time. However this world, as we all know and no doubt experience is inhabited by a body of low lifes whose prime intention is to create mischief and mayhem. I today received an email to say that an enthusiast, whilst accessing my site, was exposed to a virus. I have no wish whatsoever that this should be so and currently am at a loss as to how this has happened. One possible answer is that the exposure is assisted by one of the links that is available from the site. Therefore I have deleted all links and anyone wishing to seek advice on parts, needles etc should contact me directly from the contact form. I will also be taking the matter up with my service providers and seeking their advice. Unless I gain a satisfactory answer I will be closing both this website and the Restore A Gram site. I really hate to do this but am not prepared to be host to anything that causes anyone problems.

By Graham, Apr 26 2017 07:14AM

The purchase of the Hacker GP42 from a local antiques fair has got me back into the workshop after a year of DIY. I must admit I don't particularly like restoring recordplayers maybe because I know little about electronics but I couldn't resist the GP42, a class piece of kit from the late 60's. It was risky partly because I couldn't see it working at the fair and my knowledge of electronics, if something was wrong, could be a major problem. However all went well. The amplifier had had previous work done to replace components despite bearing the signs of overheating at some point in it's life.

So what next? Well I think it's about time to work back through my collection and just check things out. The problem with collecting is that once restored an item can stand, unused for months if not years. Not good for things that were made to be used. Actually that is where my Jekyll and Hyde personality (or should that be personalities) takes over. On the oneside I crticise my collecting as it forces the collection into a storage situation when they were made, as I mentioned, to be used. On the other I can't bring myself to part with them. Over the time of my collection several very nice would be purchasers have "pursued" me on a gramophone they would like and I must admit have succumbed once I am sure they are genuine collectors and not just someone following a short lived fad.'s a wrench.

By Graham, Apr 3 2017 06:57AM

What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?...It's certainly true in my case. Having thought I was now free of DIY jobs which started 12 months ago with the workshop refurb, it then passed onto the diner conversion for our summer house....then the bathroom needed to be done following a problem with the sink ( How does a sink problem lead to a new bathroom?....ask my wife!)....and then we decided to construct a studio for my son's art endeavours. To be fair he is very good so I guess it was worth it. I say 'was' which is a bit premature as it's still happening albeit the final stages of inside trim and decoration. Then...maybe...just maybe I can get back to things gramophonic.

Visitors may also notice I have removed the "Grams In The Garden" page on which for several years I offered garden visits free of charge for gardens open in aid of charity. I no longer offer this service. However requests from those whose gardens I have visited in the past and who ask for a visit on a regular annual basis I am pleased to accommodate.