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By Graham, Apr 26 2017 07:14AM

The purchase of the Hacker GP42 from a local antiques fair has got me back into the workshop after a year of DIY. I must admit I don't particularly like restoring recordplayers maybe because I know little about electronics but I couldn't resist the GP42, a class piece of kit from the late 60's. It was risky partly because I couldn't see it working at the fair and my knowledge of electronics, if something was wrong, could be a major problem. However all went well. The amplifier had had previous work done to replace components despite bearing the signs of overheating at some point in it's life.

So what next? Well I think it's about time to work back through my collection and just check things out. The problem with collecting is that once restored an item can stand, unused for months if not years. Not good for things that were made to be used. Actually that is where my Jekyll and Hyde personality (or should that be personalities) takes over. On the oneside I crticise my collecting as it forces the collection into a storage situation when they were made, as I mentioned, to be used. On the other I can't bring myself to part with them. Over the time of my collection several very nice would be purchasers have "pursued" me on a gramophone they would like and I must admit have succumbed once I am sure they are genuine collectors and not just someone following a short lived fad.'s a wrench.