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An appeal

By Graham, Jul 30 2017 10:57AM

I hope this doesn't come across as too stroppy but of late I have been getting a little frustrated with some of those who contact me with questions. I'm not flooded so it isn't really a problem except that I seem to be receiving questions the answers too which are on my two sites Graham-ophones and Restore-A-Gram. I really don't want to put people of messaging me. I know only too well how difficult it is finding information but please, in the first instance read what is on the site and look at the links. I sometimes get requests for parts but please note Ido not supply any parts myself and the links to the parts suppliers I use are on the Restore-A-Gram site along with links to needle suppliers, portable covering material etc.

If you can't find the answer to your question on the websites please do get in touch BUT do check the websites first.


Feb 28 2018 02:42PM by Jonathan Ives

Thanks for a very informative website. I just this lunchtime picked up an HMV102 in a local Charity shop. I collect LP's and have a few 78's , including a lovely BBC Bound set of Elgar Second Symphony and had toyed with getting another deck that supports 78. However there is something very wonderful about a portable mechanical player, and this one seems to work fine. though I'm unclear on the brake function, I cant seem to find one ?

Thanks for the tip (Ha) about changing needles every side, I've ordered a 4 pack from your link.

now to track down a copy of Beecham conducting Bax's "Garden of Fand" something wonderful about hearing it as the composer would

many thanks

Jonathan Ives

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