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Back In The Old Routine?........I don't think so!

By Graham, Apr 3 2017 06:57AM

What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?...It's certainly true in my case. Having thought I was now free of DIY jobs which started 12 months ago with the workshop refurb, it then passed onto the diner conversion for our summer house....then the bathroom needed to be done following a problem with the sink ( How does a sink problem lead to a new bathroom?....ask my wife!)....and then we decided to construct a studio for my son's art endeavours. To be fair he is very good so I guess it was worth it. I say 'was' which is a bit premature as it's still happening albeit the final stages of inside trim and decoration. Then...maybe...just maybe I can get back to things gramophonic.

Visitors may also notice I have removed the "Grams In The Garden" page on which for several years I offered garden visits free of charge for gardens open in aid of charity. I no longer offer this service. However requests from those whose gardens I have visited in the past and who ask for a visit on a regular annual basis I am pleased to accommodate.