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Low lifes of questionable parentage

By Graham, Jul 24 2017 05:38PM

When I started this website, some 4 years ago, it's genuine aim was to provide fellow gramophone enthusiasts with a site that shared my interest in restoring acoustic gramophones and over the past few years I have received encouraging messages from enthusiasts as well as requests for help from people who are restoring these fascinating instruments for the first time. However this world, as we all know and no doubt experience is inhabited by a body of low lifes whose prime intention is to create mischief and mayhem. I today received an email to say that an enthusiast, whilst accessing my site, was exposed to a virus. I have no wish whatsoever that this should be so and currently am at a loss as to how this has happened. One possible answer is that the exposure is assisted by one of the links that is available from the site. Therefore I have deleted all links and anyone wishing to seek advice on parts, needles etc should contact me directly from the contact form. I will also be taking the matter up with my service providers and seeking their advice. Unless I gain a satisfactory answer I will be closing both this website and the Restore A Gram site. I really hate to do this but am not prepared to be host to anything that causes anyone problems.