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By Graham, Oct 31 2016 05:36PM

Well what happened to the summer? That's not a reflection on the weather but more to do with a constant procession of non gramophonic jobs. Work on the workshop accompanied work converting our summer house to an American diner....rapidly followed by re-doing our bathroom that all started with a leaky wastepipe. Now all is complete, (well almost), so I'm back on the gramophone hunt.....I wonder what will be first?

By Graham, Jul 10 2016 08:11AM

Well the answer to that would be when restoring a KB Discomatic! After thinking I was in the clear last weekend the week brought additional problems, generally minor though except for the 45rpm record I loaded that had a spider in it. Now the Discomatic will take dinked and undinked records but it doesn't like dinked records that may have a spider in place. This one fell out and jammed in the mech. Worrying but all is well. At present it is now playing well and doing what it should. Restoration of these machines should carry a mental health warning.......mind you if you collect and restore gramophones it is likely that most people you reveal your hobby to will will question that. My leveller though, as I've mentioned before, is that it is considered normal to wander around a patch of grass containing miniature sand quarries with a stick knocking white balls down holes. Now if that's normal we gramophone restorers are quite safe.

So what next? Well gramophones may take a back seat for a week or three. Drifting into my radar yesterday came a You Tube video of a guy playing "Sleep Walk" on a lap steel. It didn't take long for the " I could build one of those " to kick in and a visit to my shed turned up the neck pick up of a semi acoustic , some potentiometers, knobs and a few other bits and bobs so I guess I'll be busy once again.

By Graham, Jun 30 2016 08:08AM

FINALLY....the KB Discomatic is finished and working mechanically as it should. I say mechanically because I have still to refit the amplifier which should be back, rebuilt in the next day or so. The whole exercise though brought the notion of my restoration hobby being the relaxed affair I seek and usually experience into question. Always conscious that any broken component could render the whole thing a waste of time was a frequent stress generator brought to the fore on occasion when eg the autotrip refused to function ( eventually traced to a pick up arm pivot) and one of the selector rod retainers snapped off!! I frequently went to sleep wondering how I would accomplish certain tasks the latter one being a major headache. Still all done now...with the exception of the amp. The question is...would I do another?.....mmm?....'think I'll leave a conclusion on that stewing for a while!

By Graham, Jun 15 2016 05:11AM

Well the last 8 weeks have been interesting. The workshop is well on it's way and at a stage I can use it but not absolutely finished. The purchase of the Seeburg Wallbox unexpectedly had a knock on which led me to also refurbish our summer house to take on the appearance of an American Diner. Like the shed this is also almost finished. Finally a few days ago I purchased the KB Discomatic which is currently undergoing restoration (See web page on this site). So all in all the last 8 weeks have led me not only to the workshop upgrade but also avenues I never believed I would be following. But hey, that's part of the fun isn't it, following your nose into things that drift into your radar? Well it is for me. Mr Toad is alive and well it seems and in residence somewhere in my personality.

By Graham, Apr 14 2016 06:21AM

After nearly three years of collecting and restoring it's time to upgrade my workshop. Whilst summers are fine winter work is a nightmare especially with so much wet weather over the last few years. So, 5 machines have gone to new homes to help fund the upgrade as well as create space for new projects.. Sadly, as selling four of them from my website didn't happen, four went on ebay, 3 to people who I know will enjoy them and a fourth alas to some ebay profiteering, sold by me to the highest bidder at £245 only to reappear within a couple of hours at £395! Ah well that is the way of things I guess. Hopefully someone who will value it will get it albeit at a chunk more than they could have bought it off me.

The result of all this will be a quiet summer for the website as there'll not be much progress with gramophone restoration. Still come the winter I will be able hopefully, to work in comfort and also be free from the tellings off I receive from my missus about treading mud in to the house as currently I don't have a decent path to the workshop.....all in all it promises to be sheer bliss!