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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

This little "fella" was something of a surprise...a gift from a fellow collector.  I'd had my eye on a 100 for a while and I must admit having never seen one was surprised at how small it is measuring a mere 31.5cm x  22cm x 14cm.  Affectionately nicknamed the 'Biscuit Tin" because of its all metal construction it is nothing short of a little gem.  It carries the Columbia Plano Reflex arm with a No 15 soundbox and is powered by a tiny Columbia badged Garrard No 14 motor.  I must admit I know little else about it and have only guessed at its date of manufacture.  The autobrake is similar to the No. 6 used on the HMV 87, 88 and 97 and Columbia 204, 205 and 211 and therefore must have been a Columbia carry over to EMI following the merger of 1931

c1930 - The 100

"The Biscuit Tin"

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Columbia 100 021


Soundbox:    Columbia No. 15

Motor:           Columbia/Garrard 14

Turntable:    8"

Autobrake:   No. 6

Price:             Unknown