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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The Columbia 109A was a very basic machine sporting no autobrake just a plain and simple manual one and powered by a reliable No 25 motor, one of the superb range used by Columbia from Garrard.  The 109A was one of the first Columbia machines to use the Plano Reflex arm with it's distinctive 45 degree angled reflective surfaces, the 'A' in its model reference identifying the fact that this 109 has the Plano Reflex arm as opposed to the straight arm of its predecessor the 109.


Unlike the later Columbia models that used pot metal in the horn the 109A is quite substantial around the connection with the tonearm so there is none of the sloppiness usually found  in this area.

c1928/1929 The 109A

"Junior Model"

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Columbia 109a 011


Soundbox:    Columbia No. 9

Motor:           Garrard No.25

Turntable:    10"

Autobrake:   None

Price:             £3. 10s. 0d.