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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The Columbia 112a was the big brother of the 109A receiving the title the "Standard Model" in the Columbia catalogue to the simpler 109A's the " Junior Model".  Along with the 109A the 112A was one of the first Columbia machines to receive the Plano-Reflex arm which is explained further in the ad from 1929 included in the image gallery below. By the way the "A" in the model number denotes use of the Plano Reflex tonearm


The two models bear strong similarities to the 201 ands 202 models.  The short horn is there on the 109A and the 201 and the "hinged" long horn on the the 112A and 202.


The 112A like the 202 which followed it, was available in red, blue and brown in addition to black.

c1928/1929 The 112A

"Standard Model"

Columbia 112a 005

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Soundbox:    Columbia No. 9

Motor:           Garrard No. 50

Turntable:   10"

Autobrake:   None

Price:             £4. 15s. 0d.