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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The Columbia 113 was the UK version of the American Columbia 160, although by all accounts the 160 is a poorer affair with no corner protectors, no winding handle escutcheon, and poorer finish on the woodwork.  The internal hardware was nickel plated, unlike its successors which were all polished brass.  Power for the 113 comes from the Garrard 11a motor used in the 113A gramophone.  Braking is via a manual handbrake as there is no autobrake on the model and the speed control differs from later versions in that it is a rotary knob as opposed to the more conventional lever set.  An attractive feature of the 113 is the deep rose velvet turntable which compliments the highly polished mahogany used in the lid and sound deflector at the rear of the machine.


Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the 113 is its external record storage which takes 5 x 10" and 2 x 12" size records.  One of the 113's shortcomings for collectors is that the lid of the record storage case is made from 3 pieces of approx 9mm thick mahogany.  These are arranged with a larger central section with grain running across, east to west of the gramophone, and two pieces edging the end grain of the centre panel and therefore running north to south.  Over time the central section shrinks back leaving a step in the back edge and causing suface splits in the case covering along the lines of the joints.

1928 - The 113

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Soundbox:    Columbia Floating Soundbox

Tonearms:    Columbia Duplex-curve

Motor:           Garrard No. 11A

Turntable:    10.75"

Autobrake:   None

Price:             £10. 10s. 0d.

Columbia 113 002