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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The Columbia 109A and 112A were mimicked  by a similar pairing of the 201 and the 202. The Columbia 201 is, in many respects very similar to the 109A.  The same soundbox,  arm and  horn, although there is a change in which the latter two are joined.  The 201 now has a pot metal collar with a clamp.  For collectors this is a pain as expansion of this collar leads to sloppiness in the arm which you try to take up at your peril as the collar is likely to shatter.  The major differences lie in the change of motor and the 201 upgrading to a  record album as opposed to the simple flap of the 109A.  An autobrake and a more complex needle bin that does away with the needle bin lid that sits in the case lid of the 109A have also been added.  (A feature incidentally that was to reappear in later budget models like the 211)  Like the 202 the 201 survived the merger with The Gramophone Company in 1931 which makes it difficult to date this particular machine.  It's style of speed control plus the lid catch style and highish serial number ( 72572 ) lead me to think it's substantially later than my 202 so I've put it at early 1930's.

c. early 1930's

The 201

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Columbia 201 002


Soundbox:    Columbia No. 9

Motor:           Garrard No.20

Turntable:   10"

Autobrake:   Ref. unknown

Price:             £3. 15s. 0d.