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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Columbia came into being in the last decade of the 19th century.  Along with the Edison Phonograph Company and the Victrola Talking Machine Company they became one of America's big three names in recording.  Merging with The Gramophone Company in 1931 their gramophones continued, albeit with a mixed flavour, right through until 1960.


Although in production since 1928 the model 202 survived the merger with EMI and continued to be available, initially with the front winding Garrard motor, with whom Columbia had an existing contact, and later with HMV's No 270 side winding motor.  The model I have comes from this later period and has a 270D motor.  The 202 continued to be available until it was replaced by the 206 in 1938.  This particular model is a 202C and is dated 1937 by the plate it carries.


Apart from the motor the 202 maintains the Plano Reflex tone arm and 15a soundbox of the other 202's.  Sadly like many 202 examples it was missing its lid mounted record album.  These are relatively easy to manufacture, the process being explained on the "Expanda Album" page of the "Restore-A-Gram site.


The 202C

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Soundbox:    Columbia No. 15a

Motor:           HMV 270D

Turntable:    10"

Autobrake:   Ref. Unknown

Price:             Post merger price unknown      

Columbia 202C 006