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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

To be fair although I am not fond of a number of the Decca machines but this is an honest simple machine with a reasonable sound.  Components though seem to  be somewhat random.  Lid stays, soundbox, autobrake and horn may vary on models of similar age.  Mine has a locking lid stay similar to some Columbias whereas I have another 50 used for spares which has a simple lid stay with knuckle joint.  The autobrake on this model is a modified brake used on the Collaro Microgram whereas my other 50 is more in line with the 6a used on machines such as the HMV 87 and Columbia 211.


The soundbox supplied with this gramophone when I bought it was a Selecta Westminster (which is a rebadged Goldring).  I have seen this soundbox on others 50's but my preference is for the Decca 3 box, itself a rebadged Meltrope 3 which has now found it's home on this particular 50.  I dislike the Selecta because the long needle bar causes the soundbox to sit in an ugly, unnatural  leaning position when playing which in addition to the aesthetics cannot be a good playing angle for the record.

The 50

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Soundbox:           Decca 3 (re badged Meltrope 3)

Motor:                  Garrard 20

Autobrake:          Modified version of brake from Collaro Microgram

Turntable:           10"

Price:                    Unknown

Decca 50 041


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