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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Introduced on October 1st 1930 the Decca Rally (the name Rally resurrected from a gramophone made by Decca but never branded as such) was in direct competition with the HMV 99 and the Columbia 100.  Like the latter two it had an all metal motor board (in fact just as the first HMV 102 had) with the horn built in and an 8" turntable.    Uncharacteristic was its hinge along the long edge like the HMV 99, a feature short lived both with Decca and HMV.  From what I can see most models were covered in a snake skin effect cloth but this model seems to have a straight forward Rexine Moroccan leather effect.  The action of the winding handle is novel in that the handle is permanently fixed through the motor board and engages with the motor via a ball and socket mechanism, the link occurring when the handle is brought outside the machine from its storage position.


The Rally was certainly still available in 1933 but lack of finances saw sales of gramophones dwindle as advertising costs were cut.  


Originally a record album would have been stored in the lid.  As ever this is missing on mine and so I have manufactured a replacement along the lines of the "Expanda Record Container" shown on the Restore-A-Gram" site. The observant will notice that  I have used the wrong Decca font on the front logo.  Concentrating so hard on the "Rally" text and using the Decca font from my 120 album transfer I didn't notice until it was too late that Decca had used an alternative font .  Ah well ....such is life. By the way a good deal of thanks goes to a fellow collector who gifted me a brown faux snakeskin album cover upon which I based my copy.  In addition I have now made a new carrying handle the process being on the Restore-A-Gram site click here to visit.


The Rally is no longer part of my collection but it has remained on the site for information purposes.

The Rally

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Soundbox:            Paillard

Motor:                  Garrard 20

Turntable:           8"

Price:                    52/6 (£2. 12s. 6d.)

Decca Rally 031

The Folding Wing Handle on the Decca Rally.


Decca Decals for 120 001 copy web