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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles



Soundbox:            Paillard No 8

Motor:                  Garrard 14

Autobrake:          Unknown

Turntable:           10"

Price:                    £4. 10s. 0d.

The 120 was released by Decca at the same time as its bigger brother the 130 in 1929 along with the smaller 100 and 110 to combat the success of HMV's 101 series.  The 120 used a bifurcated horn like the 130 together with a Paillard No 8 soundbox. Missing from my 120 was the autobrake and the needle tray both of which , I am happy to say, have now been sourced and fitted.


Dating Decca models is usually easy as it appears either as an obvious date in later models or as a code ( See Decca 50 and Decca 1A) however Decca abandoned this scheme for a number of years and so such a ready method of dating was not available.  The 120 was produced at this time.

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Decca 120 040

The Salon 120

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