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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

I must confess Deccas are not my favourite machines but this one, along with it's close relative the 120 are exceptions. So much so that I rate their sound better than the 102.   The Decca 130 is a beefy machine receiving it's power from a well engineered, as always, Garrard 12B motor.  Why Garrard produced so many motor models goodness only knows.  They appear in Columbia and Decca models as well as other makes but despite having now half a dozen or so Decca and Columbia models, all but the 202C having Garrard motors, there are hardly two models of motor that are the same.


Dating the 130 is not as easy as on other Decca models I have.  The paper despatch label seen on the Decca 50 and Decca 1A was not on the 130 as Decca abandoned this system for a while only to  reinstate it later.


Interestingly the record in the video is the one I bent to an angle of 90 degrees before then flattening again as shown in the video under Related topics - Record topics entitled "A Bit of Silliness".  It plays really well despite the mistreatment!


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Decca 130 012


Soundbox:            Paillard

Motor:                  Garrard 12B

Autobrake:          Unknown

Turntable:           10"

Price:                    £5. 5s. 0d.

The Salon 130

Decca Decals for 120 001 copy web