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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

c1905 - Model A

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This is an Edison Gem - Model A from around 1905.  The Gem had been introduced in 1899 to compete with other small phonographs. It went through 5 major variants identified by the model letters A to E.  Models A to C were black 2 minute only machines, although a combination attachment was available for playing the later 4 minute cylinders.  D and E were the much valued maroon coloured Gems with the D playing both 2 and 4 minute cylinders whilst the final E played only the 4.


Within these 5 main model variants there were other changes.  The Model A went through 3 major changes with even further modifications contained within these. My model seems to contain the last modifications of the 3rd variation of the Model A identified as such by it's flat key (1903),  banner decal on the lid (1902),and perhaps more significantly spun aluminium horn supplied in the UK (October 1904) assuming this to be original.

Facts: Gem - Model A

Production Dates: 1899 - 1905

Weight 13lb

Dim: 8" x 10" x 7.75"

Soundbox: (This example)Model C  

Motor:           Single spring

Price:   USA- $10: UK - £2. 2s. 0d

Note:  Whilst the Gem came with a spun aluminium horn I have used a horn made from a car transmission funnel (an idea of The Victrola Guy) in the video.

My You Tube channel shows other recordings played on the GEM using a larger horn made from a the horn from a "crapophone".

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