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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

This is an Edison Standard B from around 1907.  Introduced in 1905 early B's retained the banner decal of the A but later this was replaced by the single word "Edison" decal.  Just when this occurred I know not but given that the Model C was introduced at the beginning of 1908, 1907 seems a good compromise.  The B was very similar to the A except for better suspension of the motor below the bed plate.  Springs were introduced to replace the rubber washers of the A which meant the case height needed to be increased.  In addition the speed adjuster was moved to below the bed plate.


My Standard B came with a Pathe, spun aluminium horn but it is shown in the photo opposite with a reproduction witches hat horn and also in the photo gallery with a repainted horn from a cheap crapophone* adapted to fit the C and H reproducers. The B had been fitted with the optional Combination Attachment for playing 2 and 4 minute cylinders.

Standard -Model B

"The Tall Standard"

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Facts: Standard B

Production Dates: 1905 - 1908

Weight 20lb

Dim: 11.75" x 13" x 9.5"

Soundbox:     Model C  

Motor:           Single spring

Price:   £4. 15s. 0d.

Edison tandard B 008

Video note.  Whilst "Fall In And Follow Me" is one of my favourites sadly, due to my clumsiness, I damaged it.  I have marked the damage with a white spot on the cylinder so I can avoid it on playback.  You will notice a break in continuity where the damage is avoided...sorry!

*The crapophone is the name given to a range of horn gramophone replicas from India.  They are poorly made, hence the name "crapophone" that has been given to them by collectors.

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