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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The onset of World War 1 saw all the British and American companies in Germany siezed and sold.  The Gramophone Company's  associated unit at Deutsch Grammophon passed to Polyphon Musikwerke AG in Leipzig.  Thus it was that after the war the famous HMV logo belonged to new owners.  For export to Germany therefore the Gramophone Co. came up with the name Electrola.  A new subsidiary named Electrola Company was started in Berlin in 1926 whose machines were manufactured in the UK at the production plant in Hayes and bore the appearance of the home models.

1928/29 The Electrola 101

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Electrola 101 004

This model was made in the middle part of 101 production probably somewhere between 1928 - 1929.  It is extremely rare to find one in such good condition in which all parts are original with the understandable exception of the carrying handle .  This gramophone had already been serviced and regreased prior to purchase so no restoration by me was necessary.


Production dates 101 series: 1925 - 1931

Soundbox:    Electrola No.4

Motor:           Type 59

Turntable:    10"

Price:             Unknown

Electrola Ads

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