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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

I bought this Goldring GL75 to enable me to record 78's to my computer. Having every intention of my playing the records on my gramophones I am well aware of the wear this will bring about so,  in order that I have a copy, I am transferring my favourites to digital format.


At 40+ years old the GL75 was in surprisingly good condition requiring mainly a clean and service but more significantly replacement of the "V" blocks on which the tonearm pivots.  Inevitably being made of rubber the originals will have perished to some degree and so replacements are a must.  I obtained mine from Keith at Desmo V Blocks. (Click on the link below to get more information.)


The GL75 has a conical capstan which allows infinitely variable turntable speeds between 30 and 86rpm with the addition of 16 2/3rpm.  This situation is ideal for 78's  but it is necessary to source a cartridge that will take a 78rpm stylus.  The Shure M44-7 fits the bill together with an N44-3 stylus with a 0.0025" tip.   I have also be obtained a re tipped N44-C stylus from the Expert Stylus and Cartridge Co. with a 0.0032" conical tip for playing my pre 1950's  78's.  The whole area of playing 78's on such modern equipment can become quite complex and for anyone who wishes to pursue this furter information is available on the internet.


Spurred on by my purchase of the GL75 I initially dug out my old Trio KA-2002 amplifier and Wharfedale Denton 3 speakers.........then came across a Kenwood 7300 in a charity shop for which I purchased a pair of Q Acoustics 2000i's.

GL75 021

1973 Goldring Lenco GL75 Record Deck

Desmo Blocks