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Actually a label inside describes the Cavalier as a "record reproducer" and not a "record player", the term I've always used for these machines.  Still, why not call it a record reproducer after all it is a Roll Royce of a piece of kit.


This Cavalier dates from around 1963 and is equipped with a single play Garrard SP25 record deck.  I remember the MkIII version of this deck from the early seventies and had it on my "wanted" list.  Sadly the pennies being in short supply I had to settle for a 2025TC in a home made case with an amp built by my big brother and feeding a Wharfedale Super 8"RSDD Speaker from Holliday and Hemerdinger in Manchester (No idea if that's spelt correctly but chances are they no longer exist.)


1963 - The Hacker GP15 "Cavalier" Record Player

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The Cavalier came with a BSR SX5M installed which I have changed to a BSR SC11M fitted with a BSR ST16 stylus.  The latter cartridge was purchased from Maplins who still carry NOS, however whilst boxed as BSR SC12H inside is a BSR SC11M.  Whilst there must be an obvious difference apart from the slightly lower output the 11 performs well and according to a thread on the Vinyl Engine website is a better cartridge than the 12.  The player had been restored prior to purchase with all the usual capacitors replaced.  Sadly, as is so often the case the original plasic control knobs with their "chinese hat" tops have been replaced with moden knobs.

Hacker Cavalier GP15 008