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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Whilst Dansette's were no doubt the most popular record players of the 1960's, when it came to quality the Hackers were by far the best.  I bought my 1970 model ( dated from the date on a capacitor used in the amp) at an antiques fair.  Not something I risk with electrical items but it seemed in good condition apart from being quite dirty.  I also didn't notice the grille on the underside which had melted due to the power supply overheating.  Had I seen that I would have not bought it.  However buy it I did.  It came with a Garrard 2025TC turntable and an Acos GP96 cartridge.  Whilst the cartridge was functional (barely) I replaced it with a BSR SC11-M cartridge.  (As with the SC11 bought for the Cavalier some years earlier this cartridge was from Maplins and boxed as a BSR SC12H.  As also mentioned on the Cavalier page, it works well and according to a thread on the Vinyl Engine website  is a  

1970 - The Hacker GP42 - "Gondolier" Record Player

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better cartridge). The problem with doing this on a 2025TC turntable is that the arm was designed  specifically for either the Acos cartridge or one of Sonotone manufacture.  To fit the SC11-M the bracket supplied with it needs to be modified ( see photo below.)  I decided to attempt to adapt the existing Acos bracket.  (See photo below). This seems to have worked.  An additional problem is that the cartridge pins differ in shape on the two cartridges but again, with some careful reshaping the existing leads can be made to fit.


Initially I had some concern over the melted grille and leaked wax in the bottom of the case but the apparent recapping that had taken place made me suspect that some work had been done post the catastrophe that had beset the machine.  In fact everything has worked fine....long may it continue to do so.  The SC11-M is a vast improvement on the GP96.