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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The 100 was launched in June 1924 and was in production until October 1925 when it was replaced by what was to become the highly successful 101.  The 100 was mucher smaller than earlier HMV portables introduced from 1920 but still using a goose neck arm mounted with an Exhibition soundbox.  This time however using a reflector system similar in operation to the Decca Dulciflex but with the reflector situated in the well at the rear of the machine instead of the lid.


The 100


Production dates:    1924 - 1925

Soundbox:                 HMV Exhibition

Motor:                        Type 400

Turntable:                  10"

Tonearm:                    Gooseneck

Price:                          £6. 10s. 0d.

Early 100's differed in a number of minor ways from the design shown here e.g. instead of the nickel plated lid lugs there was a fold of Rexine that allowed for the hinging out of the record flap, the rest on the tonearm was larger and the lid stay was on the left instead of the right.


The development of electrical recording led to the early death of the 100 in October 1925 with sales totalling a mere 6,798.  Eventually the popularity of the 101 meant this sales figure could be achieved in just one month helping it to a total sale quantity of 168,873 by early 1931.  As my machine is No. 6665 I have assumed it would be one of the last and therefore dated to 1925

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