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Gram. Needles


The 102C

OK confession time.  I bought this at a local flea market with a view to selling it but....can't bring myself to part with it.  It's easily dated even though it appeared before the magic 1936 when the rectangular ivorine plaque below the turntable carried the year code.  However it does have a rectangular plaque which has the serial number as well as the model reference of 102C therefore 1935 it must be as this was the date the model 102C was introduced. It is powered by a 270D motor a development from the 270C which was used in the last 101's.  Why?  What happened to the 271D of the 102A and B?  I've no idea at the moment but will endeavour to find out.  Although the hardware is chromed I must confess I have nickel plated the handle hardware and the lid catch.  Well, at least it's better than looking at rust!   As so often is the case the record tray ( as shown on the HMV 97C) which accompanied the machine when new has been lost.  I understand many of these were given up for the war effort during the 1940's.  I have now sourced one so the gramophone is complete once more.

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Production dates all  models: 1931 - 1958

HMV 102C: 1935 - 1941

Soundbox:    HMV  No. 5A

Motor:           Type 270D

Turntable:    10"

Autobrake:   No. 6

Price:            £6. 0s 0d      

HMV 102C 008
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