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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The C101J was the tenth version of the 101 to be produced by The Gramophone Company each version having model changes over its predecessor.  Thus for example 101A had changed positions for the needle pot, 101B a major change in winding handle position from the front to the side, 101E a motor change from the 400 series to the newer  enclosed and compact 59 and so on. The machine I have, whilst not having been played for 40+ years, took very little to get it going.  Work done included the inevitable handle replacement and work on the case and external hardware.  Inside it really only needed a clean and a polish.  The motor must have been serviced before and the horrible grease HMV used which hardens over time removed and replaced.  The only thing that stopped it playing correctly was a dried out governor pad, disc and bearings.  A few drops of oil and away it went. It has since been fully restored.


This 101 is no longer in my collection but I've kept it on the site for information purposes

1929 - The C101J

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HMV C101J 2 016


Production dates  101 series: 1925 - 1931

Soundbox:    HMV  No.4

Motor:           Type 59

Turntable:    10"

Price:            £7        

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