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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

1933/35 - The 102B

Having been produced before the 1936 system of coding  a bit of detective work is required to date this particular 102.  It has a 5a soundbox which may or may not be original as it could have been supplied with a No.16.  If the 5a is original then the machine is after mid 1934 when the 5a became supplied in place of the No. 16.  If a No. 16 was originally supplied then the wooden covered motor board makes it after 1933 when wood replaced the original metal deck. The all metal needle tray indicates pre 1935 when the change was made to a plastic tray.  So conclusion.  I reckon it's a 102B from 1933/35 and possibly 1934/35.

HMV 102B 003

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Production dates all models:1931 - 1958

HMV 102B: 1933 - 1935

Soundbox:    HMV  No. 5A

Motor:           Type 271D

Turntable:    10"

Autobrake:   No. 6

Price:            £6. 0s 0d      

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