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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The No. 2 Soundbox appeared in 1921 to replace the Exhibition.  It had a slightly larger diaphragm, rounded bezel and modified tension springs for the stylus bar suspension.  By 1925 it had been fitted to most models but was then, itself replaced by the No.4 which can be seen on all the 101 models on this site.  This particular one came boxed and with a very supple gasket and of course a brass rather than the later intoduced pot metal back of the late No. 4's.

1903 - 1925 The HMV Exhibition Soundbox

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HMV No 2 003

1925 - 1931 The HMV No 4 Soundbox

The No 4 Soundbox had been designed by engineer Harry O. Sooy at Victor in 1914.  Early electrical recordings in 1925 led to the design being resurrected.  The Gramophone Co. used it on their new 101 series to replace the Exhibition soundbox used on the 101's predecessor the 100.


Three versions appeared ( well four really if you count the change of the front to pot metal in around 1930).  The first one with the text apparent behind the mica diaphragm was completely made of brass, front and back plate.  A year later in 1926 the use of brass continued for both back and front but with a variation in that the text was now moved to the back plate.  In 1928 the brass back finally gave way to a diecast alloy which was continued to the end of the No. 4's production.  As noted above in around 1930 the front too became made of pot metal i.e. diecast alloy.


It is easy to spot a No. 4 with a diecast or pot metal back due to the protruding rubber bush in addition to the general courseness of the back, not having the clean lines of the brass backed No. 4's

1921 - 1925 The HMV No. 2 Soundbox

The Exhibition soundbox first appeared in 1903 and underwent several transitions before arriving at the example in my collection around in 1918.  By 1921 the No. 2 began to replace the Exhibition.  The particular example in my collection was taken from my HMV 100 portable of 1925.

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Exhibition 001

Note: The soundbox listing is not comprehensive.  It merely relates to the soundboxes on my collection of gramophones.