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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

THE HMV SB101D was one of HMV De Luxe models that went on sale from June 1927, SB signifying that this machine was covered in a blue crocodile effect fabric.  The use of a 410 motor, 2-flap lid catch and "Pakawa" (pronounced packaway.) handle identify this particular SB 101 as a D version.  This was bought in a poor state.  Some hardware e.g lid catches , needle tray etc have been replated using the nickel plating bath described under on the "Restore-A-Gram" website (see link in left hand panel).

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The SB101D


Production dates 101 series: 1925 - 1931

Soundbox:    HMV No.4 - Version 2

Motor:           Type 410

Turntable:    10"

Price:             £8. 10s. 0d

HMV SB101D 036
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