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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The HMV 103 was in production by the Gramophone Company for 5 years between late 1925 and 1930, as was the 109, and in appearance the 103 was identical to the 109, the only visible differences seeming to be the speed controller, (a direct result of the use of a No 32 motor in the 109 and either a 425/6 or a No 69 in the 103) and the use of an autobrake from Autumn 1926 on the 109, a luxury the 103 never had.  Both models encountered the same developments in lid stay design and movement of the needle pots plus inclusion of two Tungstyle needle clips made in 1927.

1928 The 103 Table Gramophone

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Production Dates: 1925 - 1930

Soundbox:    HMV No. 4

Motor:           Type 426

Turntable:    10"

Price:             £7. 10s. 0d. (For info the 109 would have been £3 dearer at £10. 10s.0d. - 1927)

Whilst the mechanics of my example were in good order the cabinet has suffered from storage in damp conditions which has resulted in some movement of both cabinet and lid sides.  This resulted in an opening of all joints which at some stage had been filled with wood filler!  This has now been cleared and the joints re set in their correct position.   However the wood for the lids sides had moved considerably and required the use of staple reinforcements to keep the joints closed. In addition there were no door knobs so these have been sourced and fitted along with refinishing the case

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