Restore-A-Gram ARTY GB (1) copy


Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Garrard 20; 25; 50

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No. 20

Single spring motor

Decca 50; Decca 90; Decca Rally; Columbia 201

No. 25

Single spring motor

Columbia 109A

No. 50

Single spring motor

Columbia 202;

Columbia 112A

NB.  Should you ever strip one of these motors down work on the bearings one at a time as there are no location grooves etc on the bearings for the governor arm.  If you remove both bearings life will be tricky when it comes to setting the speed later.  Leaving one bearing in position while working on the other allows the correct governor arm position to be maintained.  Remove the bearing that protrudes the most through the pillar first.  This will allow the governor to be removed.  After cleaning replace the armature and bearing and if necessary remove the bearing from the other end for cleaning.  Note however that some minor adjustment of the bearings will be required to create a little play between the shaft and the bearings.    In addition you may find that the holes in the bearings are eccentric.  That is to say they are not placed centrally in the bearings.  This allows for adjustment to take up wear but creates the additional problem in that the holes must always be kept aligned in order to allow the governor arm correct operation.