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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The HMV No 270D, 271C and 271D

When the HMV 102 was introduced in 1931 it was powered by the No. 271C motor which allowed for the fitting of the No. 5 autobrake (Universal) directly onto it.  The brake proved troublesome and after the merger with Columbia to form E.M.I. the motor and brake were replaced.  The No 6 autobrake was used mounted on the motor board and the power unit was  the 271D this time without the autobrake cam but still with mountings for brake and speed lever.Ultimately, on the last models of the 102 the 271D was replaced by the 270D, the 270C version of which had been used on the last 101's.

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No. 271C

1931 - 1932

No. 271D

1932 - 1941

Single spring motor.


Single spring motor

HMV 102A; 102B;

No. 270D

1941 - 1958

Single spring motor

HMV 102C; 102D; 102E; 102H