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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

The HMV No 425 and 410

The 400 series of motors had been introduced in the summer of 1924 with the inclusion of the on the Model 100 portable and 107 table model.   A year or so later in October 1925 came the first 101 which used the 425 along with the first version of the model 103 table model.  Later, in 1927, with the move from a front winding machine to side winding the 410 was introduced, its production run ending in late 1928 with the advent of the No 59.

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No. 425

1925 - 1927

No. 410

1927 - 1928

Single spring motor.

HMV101; 101A; Table model 103.

Single spring motor

HMV 101B; 101C; 101D