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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

HMV No. 32

THe No 32 motor was the powerhouse behind a range of HMV table and cabinet models plus finding a use in the portable, tropical models  upto around 1941 e.g HMV 112, 113 and 114;  .  The 32 was a double spring motor introduced in 1921 along with its big brother the No.34 which had 4 springs.  On both the 32 and 34 the springs were housed in pairs within a canister similar to that used on the 59 and 69 with a top lid held in place by a circular clip, often the cause of much frustration for restorers.  As far as I can tell the 32 was used up until around 1941

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No. 32

1921 - 1941

Double spring motor.

Numerous models including HMV 163, HMV 109; HMV 157; HMV 153; HMV 134; HMV 114; HMV 145; HMV 152 etc etc.