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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Originally called "Parlophon" the name came into being in 1896 as a name used on gramophones by Carl Lindstrom A.G. ( formed 1893) in Berlin Germany before eventually being used as the name of a record label.  Carl Lindstrom A.G. was sold to the Columbia Graphophone Company in 1926/27 and ultimately moved to be part of EMI in 1931 when Columbia merged with The Gramophone Company (HMV).  It remained within EMI until 2012, becoming famous for the recording label used for recordings by The Beatles.  In 2012 Parlophone was sold and became the property of Warner Music Group.


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Being short of something new to add to the pages of this site I have, on loan, this Parlophone Cantorette to photograph for the site.  Actually it's presence has a double purpose for I know very little about it and would welcome any information available.  It would appear to be a machine from the late 1930's/40's but any information would be gratefully received.

The Famous Trademark.


Often thought to be a "pound" sign (£) the trademark is actually a stylised "L" standing for Lindstrom, surname of the Swedish engineer who founded Carl Lindstrom A.G.)

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