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Flattening a warped 78rpm record

Prompted by a purchase of about 70 records that turned out to be in reasonably good condition but all warped I have put a short video on the site of how I deal with a warped records.   Hopefully other tips and tricks will follow as they are a inevitable consequence of involvement in all this gramophonic!  By the way the hob used in the video was thoroughly cleaned prior to being used.

Cleaning and polishing a 78

78's are frequently dirty things having accumulated years of dust all of which advances record wear and creates drag on the needle when played.  Now I don't advocate my cleaning method as the best.  Just that it works for me .  Given that most have my records have survived 60, 70 or even 80 years of abuse what I do to clean them is positively gentle!

A bit of silliness....

Growing up in the 1960's I remember there being  millions of 78's knocking around.  So many in fact that a popular activity was turning them into plant pots.  This bit of silliness which is neither a "tip" or a "trick" was just an experiment to see if a severely bent record (not quite a plant pot but a passable bookened!) could be turned back to a playable record.

A Record Case for 10" 78's

Whilst I've built storage shelves to take my 78 record collection I decided I needed a more portable unit in which I could carry around with a small selection of records.  The problem is that record cases to take 10" records are as rare as hen's teeth.  So given that I had some "Rexine" left over from the 102 restoration I decided to make one.


The case will hold 24 - 30 x 10" 78rpm records depending how much space you require for sifting through the records but always remembering that shellac 78's are weighty items.  The hardware, hinges and catches are replicas of the ones fitted to Dansette record players of the 60's, the hinges holding the lid at 90 degrees to the body with the built in stays.  The handle is a retro style often fitted to the record cases of the same period.


Since making the record case I have added an "annexe" to carry tools/needles when I am out and about. See below

Record Case for 78s 005

You might not need this item but having started my "Gramophones In The Garden" idea I thought that it wouldn't be long before I would need to do some running repairs on site.  Although I'll be taking two machines to my garden visits, one as a spare,  it still seemed sensible to carry a few tools and anyway I would need a good supply of needles and somewhere to put used ones.  Being aware that I was also going to be short of hands I opted for a toolbox that fits to the base of a record case I made last year.

Record Case - Toolbox Attachment

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