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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Starting from scratch, as I did in June 2013, I found I needed to spend quite a bit of time researching and thankfully there are people out there to help most of whom can be found via a "Google" of the word gramophones.  However, maybe it's an age thing but I like to have the written word in front of me.  That said I thought it an idea to have a page ( or two) showing books I've found useful.  Sadly most are out of print and for those that are a piece of advice do, do, do shop around.  Their prices vary tremendously.  e.g. "Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones" varies from £12 (the price I paid for my copy) upto £150 in one case I saw!  Average seems to be around the £40 mark.


One other general point worth making.  The books I have cover a publishing period of 30+ years.  This inevitably means that some information correct at the time of publishing maybe superceded by later findings. Therefore do not expect an absolute, 100% accurate picture to emerge.

Reference books I've found useful

"Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones" - Christopher Proudfoot.  Published 1980


It didn't take long in my introduction to gramophones for the name Christpoher Proudfoot to come to the fore.  He would appear to be, and from what I can gather with just cause, the guru of gramophones.  The book is divided into two sections - Part I - A Guide to Makes and Models; and Part II - Building up and Maintaining a Collection.  A quick glance has already shown me I've committed a cardinal sin or two. -Of course I'm not going to say what they are am I?).  I look forward to the second section in particular.  His notes on removing the spring are, at the very least, the section any newcomers in restoration should pay heed to.  You Tube videos are not where it's at with this simple, if done correctly, procedure, but very dangerous if not.

Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones

"The Perfect Portable Gramophone - His Masters Voice" -

Dave Cooper. Published 2003


With my focus really on portable machines ( I've simply not the space for the big fellas) this was the first book I purchased, mine coming all the way from Tulsa City-County Library but in fine condition for all of that.  A thoroughly enjoyable book with superb illustrations and a wealth of information.  Plus it includes a CD of "Favourite Hits from the Portable Years".

The Perfect Portable