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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Reference books I've found useful

"The Collector's Guide To 'His Master's Voice' Nipper Souvenirs" - Ruth Edge and Leonard Petts. Published 1997



I didn't find it possible to pursue an interest in gramophones, in particular those manufactured by The Gramophone Co., without learning about all the linked memorabilia.  This book at 1022 pages long is chock full of information and pictures.

"The Compleat Talking Machine" - Eric L. Reiss. First Published 1986


The cover identifies it as "a collector's guide to antique phonographs - repair, restoration, identification, price guide".  I bought it because of the repair and restoration sections.  My copy is a fifth edition that appeared in 2007 which was the last edition produced.  Obviously from the spelling it is American and I have been advised to treat the information contained with care.  At my stage of gramophone development I've not been able to see too much untoward but there again it's early days.

Collectors Guide to Nipper Souvenirs The Compleat Talking Machine

"His Master's Gramophone" - Brian Oakley and Christopher Proudfoot. Published 2011


The book is  a guide to the acoustic models sold by the Gramophone Co. in Great Britain between 1897 and 1960 and what a book this is!  It was recommended to me by a collector/dealer I met.  The photos are superb and I have used it alot already identifying aspects of my small collection.  Buy it while new copies are still available.  I got mine direct from Brian Oakley.  (Oct 2015 - I have heard that the book is now sold out and there are no intentions to print more.  However copies are available through book dealers and currently showing up on Amazon but at a premium price!)

His Master's Gramophones