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A jukebox has been on my wishlist for what seems like years but space and finances have always prevented it.  I came upon the next best thing though at a jukebox fair recently in which a wallbox, the things that used to remotely control jukebox selections in diners, has been fitted with an interface that allowed it to make selections on an ipod.


At first the apparent disparity between the two devices, given that they were from two different eras plus the purist in me kicking against anything as modern as an iPod, meant it was viewed with passing interest only.  However the more I thought about it the more I became attracted.  So here it is.  The video explains a little of how it works, the heart of the system being the WIPOD 3, a wallbox to iPod adapter that interfaces the wallbox with the ipod.  One plus is that the conversion allows the wallbox to revert to its former function should it be required.

1948 Seeburg 3W1 Wallbox

(controlling an iPod)


The interface and its accompanying cables etc are contained within the wallbox with only the power lead and the audio cable emerging.  To make the available space the coin collection box has been removed.


For someone like me who does not have the space for a jukebox but who admires the technology and the music of the 50's it's an acceptable I get 100 'A' sides instead of half the records having never-to-be-played 'B's....not much compensation for not having a proper jukebox but it'll have to do.....for the time being anyway


For information on the WIPOD visit the website at:

Vulcan Cylinders WIPOD