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Gramophone Needles

Gram. Needles

Owned by my eldest son this machine has sat, since its purchase from Ebay a couple of years ago, more as a decoration than a useful piece of equipment.  I can't remember now whether I suggested I have a look at it or it was suggested to me following on from the 4000DS but whatever I had a go.  Despite being advertised originally as "recently serviced" the machine was suffering from a number of minor issues largely down to cleaning and lubricating plus re alignment of the reels.  It is now working once more and is pictured here before returning to its home in Eastbourne.

Early 1970's - The Teac A3300 Reel to Reel Tape Deck

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The Teac A3300 was introduced as a semi professional tape deck in the early seventies.  I'm not too sure of the actual date but the earliest I can see it advertised is 1971.  Price was around $500.  In 1973 the A3300 was included Teac's UK price list for £589.50, a significant amount of money for the time.  There were various versions of the 3300.  This one is a A3300-10, a four track, two channel stereo deck with running speeds of 7.5" and 3.75" i.p.s.

Teac3300 004